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Meet Tracy

Hi.. I’m Tracy.. I have worked in make - up, skincare, beauty and the aesthetics industry for 25 years. I’ve always been passionate about the amazing results and what you can achieve by making small changes in your facial and make up routine.

1.Start with a well moisturized skin. The first step to looking younger is ensuring your skin isn’t parched

2. Primer Once you have prepped your skin, its time to use a primer, not only will this product keep your make up fresher for longer, but it will also smooth the skins surface to help blur out signs of ageing and sine lines, while preventing makeup from sitting in creases.

4.Beware of blush. Its better to opt for blush with a cream formulation and stick to softer pinker tones opposed to orange and brown tints, which have the potential to make you look haggard (cream blush)

5.Brows, keep them light natural and understand the brow shape which will help to frame and finish off your look (brow kit)

6.The right eye make up can make you look younger and take years from your face. When it comes to eye shadow hues, go for warm, matte tones, mocha bases and Peachy oranges will create the illusion of well being. A good liquid liner with a line that’s drawn as close to your lashes as possible, helps create the illusion of a thicker darker lash line, finally curling your lashes and applying mascara will create definition and add depth to your eyes.

7. Lips as we age, we tend to get lines around the mouth area. Use a liner pencil that matches your chosen color to lightly fill the mouth shape to prevent bleeding. Then apply lipstick, lip gloss always look good

Have Fun Trying.

Love Tracy xx


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