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Meet Hannah

Hey, my name is Hannah.

I have been in the industry for over 12 years, and pretty much started my career with Emalene at WPR! I enjoy everything Beauty, and love seeing results after treating clients, from doing lashes to laser......I want clients to feel their best.

So let me introduce you to Sheet masks!

I feel this is a nice place to start, as far as trending goes, these have landed into the beauty world, with a bang. Although not “new” they are still very relevant.

If you want to scare the kids with a nice jason-esque get up while wearing one, then that's just the bonus!

Because I love these little beauty bombs.

They are easy to use and versatile!

Stay hydrated on a flight, pop them in your bag for a night away, soak in the tub wearing it or while watching Netflix.

A quick pick me up anytime, any-wear (within reason) points for anyone who can cook with one on!

And they are just the small reasons I need these in my bag of tricks.

Because actually they slot in perfectly within our salon treatments as well.

Sheet masks, are great for the cooling, soothing and repairing of skin they can be kept completely sterile in there very own sealed package, and kept in the fridge for that extra icy touch on hot, red, tight skin.

After micro needling, laser and facial peels.

Clients can take some home, to maintain the much needed hydration after treatments, and can get 3 uses out of each one. As long as your using it on only yourself, and a nicely double-cleansed face! After that any nutrition-packed serum left over, can be massaged into the face and neck.

Now, why not just any mask from a bottle?

1. Most masks applied with a brush etc are then washed off, leaving no product left behind to continue to absorb into the skin. Better for your skin and less mess and fuss.

2. The sheet prevents evaporation of the product, allowing more time for the product to penetrate the skin.

3. They are soaked with concentrated serum, consisting of beneficial ingredients like hyaluronic acid and vitamins.

4. They will give you an instant plump, hydrated glow, that continues after you have taken it off.

A few things to consider are the ingredients in your mask of choice.

- stick to anything soothing, moisturising, anti-ageing. So hyaluronic acid, vitamin c, aloe and green tea extracts.

- Avoid masks with salicylic, glycolic and retinols. As these ingredients are amazing, but better used in other products and lead by professional advise!

Then the fabric masks are made of.

- cloth/fibre masks are your cheaper option, Will dry out quickly and are not great for environment.

- Hydro-gel type masks, usually made with a gelatin. Keep nice and cool, hold there serums well for maximum penetration of serum into skin. And really easy to contour to the face, and stay in place!

There are cons to these little gems, as there is to anything. They cannot replace a good skin-care routine, and you wont get any decent exfoliation, deep cleaning results, but I think they are a real finishing touch to everyone's skincare!

Hydration for the nation people.

Its where all the best skin starts!

Convenient, affordable and effective.

Love Hannah xx


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