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Did you know?

Hooves, claws, horns and even shells of turtles and spines of porcupines are composed of Keratin, the same cells that make up skin, hair and nails.

New skin cells are formed in the basal layer, the lowest layer of the epidermis. These new cells gradually push their way to the top to form the stratum corneum and eventually shed off. We loose roughly 30000 – 40000 skin cells every hour and almost a million cells every day. It takes approximately one month for the new cells to reach the top, which means the skin you have a month from today will be completely new compared to the skin you have now.

As we mature, our skin cell regeneration deteriorates and the rate of skin cell renewal slows down. Regular exfoliation accelerates the skins natural desquamation process. The removal of dead skin cells allows fresh new cells to be revealed improving the appearance of the skin. Exfoliation also increases blood circulation, brings more oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells, removes dead skin cells from the surface helping to keep pores from becoming clogged and improves skin tone by removing pigmented surface cells.


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